Wynn Cilwyth

Cassie's Half-elf Rogue


Wynn is the daughter of an elven noble driven to adventuring by the discovery of a disturbing secret. Her long-time friendship with the son of the local thieves’ guild led to her becoming a rogue.


Wynn (short for Wynnsiel) is the daughter of Lord Cilwyth, a minor lord who presides over a small area near the elf-human border. His family spends most of their time in the closest large city. She is the third of five children and always been outgoing and friendly. When she was young, she met up with a boy running from the guards after cutting a purse. She helped the boy, Duncan, hide and they were close friends ever since. Duncan’s father, Darren, was a leading member of the local thieves guild. Wynn was smart enough to know that her parents would never allow such a friendship to come to light so Wynn and Duncan became very sneaky about meeting to play or cause minor trouble. She grew to know his family very well and trusted Darren’s judgement of the world the little city and her father’s hamlet above anyone else she knew.

When Wynn was about twenty years old she was in the market place ignoring Duncan cutting purses, and watching a troupe of performers dance around, rather close to the front of the crowd. After the performance one of the acrobats called after her.

“Hold up there, child!” He ran up to her. “I wondered if I’d get the chance to see you. You look so much like your mother!”

She laughed. “No I don’t.”

“You are Lord Cilwyth’s daughter, aren’t you?”

Wynn nodded. “Yes.”

“He never told you what your mother looks like?”

“Why would he? She sits across from me at dinner every night.”

The man blanched. “They never told you?”

“Told me?”

“Never mind.” He looked around at all the people he’d called attention from in yelling after her the way he did. “I must be mistaken.”

Wynn went straight home and spoke to her father. “What did he mean?” she asked after she’d recounted the conversation.

Her father sighed. “I suppose I should have told you a long time ago. Sit down.” After a few moments he began. “Before you were born, I used to invite some of the troupes to entertain at our dinner parties….Your mother was pregnant, and you know how sensitive she is in such a condition. I was….in need of a wife.”

“You wanted sex,” Wynn muttered.

He sighed. “I saw an acrobat in the troupe. She exuded grace…I had a moment of weakness and gave into my baser desires. She left with the troupe, but returned a few weeks later.

“She was pregnant with you. She wasn’t sure what to do once you were born. She couldn’t take you with her. I agreed to house her until you were born and would take you into my house afterwards.

“As you know, elf babies take a full year, while human babies are born quicker. You came before Elsbeth went into labor.”

Wynn found it odd to hear the woman she’d called “Mother” referred to by her fist name.

“Elsbeth gave birth to a stillborn girl…We thought it a sign from the gods that we were to have you.”

“And you never thought to tell me?!” Wynn screamed. “You didn’t think I’d want to know that I’m a half-human?”

He sighed. “I knew I’d have to tell you eventually, but….I just never knew how.”

Wynn sat in disbelief.

“You should talk to your mother. Let’s go to her.”

“You mean your wife, not my mother,” Wynn grunted.

Her father slapped her across the face. “I will not tolerate you disrespecting her that way. She nursed you. It was her eyes you looked into when you said your first words and took your first steps. In every way that truly matters she is your mother!”

Pulling her by the hand they went up to Elsbeth’s sitting room. Wynn waited outside while her father went in. When he summoned her, he left soon after.

“You must be angry,” Elsbeth said.

“Finding out I’ve been lied to all my life? Why would I be angry?”

“Wynn…I was devastated by your father’s infidelity. The fact that he kept that woman so close during her pregnancy angered me, but he would not fail in his obligation to you. When our daughter was stillborn, I blamed him. He brought you to me. I thought I’d smother you right then for being the source of the stress that killed my baby. But when I held you, the gods gave me peace. You were the child we were meant to have, Wynn. You are meant for great things, my dear girl. Why else would I let you train in that sword you enjoy so much? I want you ready for the tasks the gods have in store for you.” She reached up and held her daughter close. “I am sorry we did not tell you. But I will never regret raising you the way we did. You will make us proud, I know it.”

Wynn sighed as her mother released her. “Every time someone said I was tall for my age, or learned quickly for my age, you always said I took after your father, or your brother.” She shook her head. “I was proud to be so like them, but…it was just a lie. Just covering up Father’s shame.”

Elsbeth took Wynn’s hands. “Children of your heritage are so displaced and shunned at times. We did not want you to grow up feeling that. I suppose we should have told you once you were old enough to understand, but…you never have been settled here. You were always wanting to be out exploring. I worried that if we told you, you’d leave.”

“You were right to worry. I bet everyone has heard by now. I’m not going to stay here and be whispered about behind my back.”

“I understand,” Elsbeth replied softly. "Don’t be rash. Think on all of this. You have not changed. Just a small aspect of your past is not as it seemed. You may feel you don’t need to go.”

Later Wynn found herself at Duncan’s house.

“Who knows?” she asked him.

“You know a rumor as juicy as this…spreads like fire.”

She winced and sat down. “My mother wants me to stay. Father has avoided me since he told me. I don’t know what to do.”

“Wynn…I don’t want you to go.”

Wynn smiled at her friend. “I can’t stay.”

Darren entered. “Don’t go just yet, my girl. Let’s make sure you’re ready to face that world first. Then you can try your luck in the great wide world.”

Wynn Cilwyth

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